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Sexism and what video games can tell us

Check the Conversation article discussing our new PLoS ONE article exploring sexism using video games. And don't forget to check out the awesome comic by @srganuch!...
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Sex, lies, and video games

It's been a great week with all the news about our paper on wy people play violent video games in Personality and Individual differences. Our Conversation piece was picked up by a few interested parties, and here's an on Radio National, with a great piece written by...
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Video games & insights into sexism

Alright! Our first paper looking at human behaviour using video games was just accepted in PLoS ONE! What a long ride it was, but it's great to have the paper accepted in an open access journal as I have a feeling that this paper will get some attention. If things go...
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Check out Maddie and her spiders!

ABC gave us a shout as they needed clips for their 'Sounds of Science' showcase -- and what's more perfect than some singing peacock spiders? Check out the details here at ABC to hear more about Maddie and what these little peacock spiders sound...
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Science communication can be its own reward

If we want a well-informed public, then it is of utmost importance that science is communicated effectively by those who excel at it. But there are challenges to effective science communication. Bill Laurance wrote last week that our current funding system effectively...
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Video games make you less sexist? It’s not quite that simple

The latest article exploring sexism in academia suggests that it no longer exists. Some have already grumbled about flaws in the study’s design. But more than that, I simply don’t believe the finding because there is clear evidence that sexism still exists. I’ve also...
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